Overspray removal

Overspray Removal Services Nationwide

Auto Image Detailing provides businesses and individuals safe, high-quality overspray removal services in Tennessee and nationwide. Fully-insured, we have certified overspray removal technicians ready to respond within 24 hours to handle any paint overspray removal you might need. Auto Image Detailing has the tools and know-how to remove unsightly overspray from your paint, windows, and trim. Our technicians are specialists in removing all bonded materials such as epoxy, cement, polyurethane, etc.

After cleaning your paint from harmful paint overspray, Auto Image Detailing will then add the original oils back into your paint with a thick coat of Carnauba Liquid Wax to restore luster and protect the finish for months to come.

What is Paint Overspray?

Overspray is the amount of sprayed paint or other non-water-soluble material that does not land on the intended target. Many times, this overspray settles on your vehicle surfaces, resulting in unsightly, inconsistently-looking painted surfaces. Overspray can also seriously degrade and damage the surface and finish of your vehicle.

Auto & Car Overspray Removal Services

Overspray on your vehicle prevents a clear shine and ruins the look of your exterior finish. Call Auto Image Detailing for expert auto and car overspray removal that will get your oversprayed car, truck, or SUV looking shiny and new again.

Overspray Removal Specialists

Whatever overspray you have – we can get rid of it. Applied material can range from polyurethane foam to enamel. All require different levels of expertise to treat and remove by hand. The good news is that the removal process, while labor intensive, will not harm a car’s paint. There is no need to repaint a car or use conventional repair like body shops, and the cost of overspray removal is significantly lower than conventional repair.

*Our prices may vary based on the size and condition of your vehicle. RV and boat prices are additional. Please call for an estimate.

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